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Dress Like Marlene Dietrich --- Dandyism, Feminism, Power of Hats and Tailoring

Dandyism One of the hottest womens fashion trend in 2019 is tailoring, which is my favourite style! When we talk about talioring, always remind me the English Dandy with their refined taste in suits, hats and accessories, their attention to details and unconventional individualism ---- the Dandyism. Think flamboyant Beau Brummell, Wilde, Duke of Windsor, Beaton, or modern day eccentric Quentin Crisp, George Skeggs...  Cecil beaton   Quentin Crisp George Skeggs Female Dandy And there are also many female dandy archetypes in history and modern time, think Coco Chanel, who designed trousers for women; Tamara de Lempika, the talented painter incarnated the strong and independent female figuare and dashing style; Marlene Dietrich, in her beautifully cut trouser suits, hats and...

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Dress for Art: Style and Fashion Tips for Visiting Art Exhibition and Galleries

London is one of the most exciting city in arts, many world renowned artists exhibit their works here. Although there is no strict dress code for visiting art exhibition, people can go in Tshirt and trainers, but we live in the world fashon centre and most creative place like London, I think we should try to step in these beautiful space with representation of our creative mind, making a satorial statement in understanding and respect of these phenomenal art works. So I started this personal project "Art, Style and Fashion" to experiment my style with hats in art exhibitions. Style advice: When ever I go out to galleries or to an exhibition, I always research about the art works, space,...

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