YUANLILONDON Millinery was established in 2016, bespoke couture hats handmade in London for people who are not afraid to be the centre of attention, bold, authentic and fun, who want to express themselves freely and make statement through hats and style.


YUANLILONDON’s design philosophy is “Wear Your Heart On Your Head”, self-expression with imagination, a combination of creativity and exclusive service to clients, focus on your fashion taste, occasions and lifestyle, offering top quality materials with refined skills to achieve the one and only, show-stopping look.

The Hat Speaks for You

Beaspoke hats for individuals who wants their voice not only to be heard, also to be seen, to deliver strong visual statements and symbolism, support their self-expressions , reflect on and support topical issues in society.

The Feminist

YUANLILONDON designed “Feminist” feather headdress for feminist author and comedian Deborah Frances-White, who created "The Guilty Feminist" show, eventually the headdress featured on her book cover. It also remarked 100th year of British women’s rights to vote in Guardian Live.

The Brexit Hat

“Brexit” feather hat for artist and model Natalia Kapchuk, it is inspired by one of her painting and resonated the most relevant topical issue in society,  to express her views with stunning visual statement without words and speeches.

Royal Ascot

YUANLILONDON’s hats are highly praised at Royal Ascot every year, and was called one of "The most spectacular hats” in Royal Ascot by Harper’s Bazaar,  and featured on major media worldwide such as Hat Magazine, BBC, ITV, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Mirror, The Sun etc, also featured on Vogue Italia, Re-edition, Unblockmagazine etc.

The Craftsmanship

Contemporary designs meet traditional millinery skills, all bespoke hats are handmade. From large scale arrangements to most intricate details, from swirly feathers to hand painted silk flowers, from structured boldness to floawing lightness, YUANLILONDON couture hats demostrate high level of craftsmanship. A couture hat is not only imaginative design, also is the essence of artistry of millinery heritage, experince of expertise, attentions to details, patience and dedications, with forward thinking innovations.


Top Quality Materials & Finishing

From luxury fur felt to most delicate feathers and silk, from natrual fibres to thermoplastic, YUANLILONDON sourcing top grade materials from Europe and South East Asia, no compromising on the quality of materials and couture level finishing, our hats bring luxury in style, comfortable to wear, and proudly made to last.

Bespoke Service

Opposite to the mass production and "off-the-rack" products, bespoke hats are exlusively designed and made for you, for the individuality, exlusivity and high end quality:

  • One of the kind hats only for you, original and exlusive, not to worry the "hat clash" in social events;
  • Following your requests and brief, it is designed specifictly for the occasion and style you need the hat for;
  • Reflecting your appearance, fashion taste and lifestyle, making your personality shining through, fitting your head size, complimenting your facial features;
  • Injecting designer's original ideas, creativity, and craftsmenship for a show-stopping design and couture quality;
  • Matching specific outfits you are going to wear, for example dye-to-match materials, coordinated trimmings etc.